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About us

The story of Kizo began with the motherhood journey of our co-founder Arushi. During her pregnancy, she read various research papers and books on early child development.

She discovered that the learning environment provided in the early years impacts adulthood the most. In the book “Absorbent Mind” by a well-renowned expert on child development pedagogy, Dr. Maria Montessori, she learned how one needs to nurture children during early childhood with an aim to activate their natural desire to learn. On further research, she found that the human brain has a very intricate communication network of nearly 100 billion nerve cells since birth with very few linkages. The network gets developed slowly by the experiences children have in their first 3 years and the higher the exposure of babies to the world outside, the richer the networks become. Moreover, these experiences wouldn’t happen naturally, parents need to work on and curate them for their children.

While Arushi was experiencing motherhood, our other co-founder Sonal was also getting aware of this subject. While working in Japan after graduation, she struggled a lot to learn Japanese. On the contrary, she observed small kids fluently speaking 3-4 languages and carrying out their daily chores independently. This took her back to her days at IIT where on one hand some students excelled in multiple genres ranging from sports, to academics to music, on the other hand, many struggled in academics and extra-curricular activities. It made her question this stark contrast and she started exploring the reasons behind this. She found out that the parents in Japan were exposing their children to real-world experiences early on in their childhood. On further research, she learned about the importance of the early years and why the first 3 years of a baby’s life are called the most formative years with 80% of the brain development happening in this phase.

Arushi and Sonal being close friends for years, decided to share their findings with other parents and this desire led to the idea of “Kizo”.

We at Kizo are excited to share our well-researched and curated program based on the world-renowned philosophies of Montessori, Waldorf, and Brain science, made easy for you to use. We believe that the best way to support your child during their most formative years is to empower you to create developmental experiences. With Kizo, you can rest easy knowing that you are giving your child the best foundation for learning at every step.

We can’t wait to play, learn and grow with you!