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Level 1 Play Box"Hello World!"

0 months+
Developmental toys


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Whats Inside?
  • 🧠 Set of 8 Montessori Toys
  • 📝 Developmental milestone chart
  • ✉️ Weekly developmental tips on Whatsapp
Dumbell Rattle

Small enough for your newborn to grasp, this rattle develops hand control and auditory sense with enclosed bells

Montessori Puzzle Ball

A Montessori classic, perfect for grasping, rolling and kicking from legs

Flashcard Holder

Perfect for stimulating the baby's developing vision and language comprehension, and is great for tummy time

Black & White Crochet Rattle

Works with baby's natural reflexes to develop her grasp, concentration and sound tracking

Black & White Cot Mobile

High-contrast geometric patterns develop your baby's vision and ignites their inherent mathematical sense

Crochet Batting Ball

Introduces cause and effect and strengthens the connection between the left and right sides of the brain through movement

Simple Black & White Card Set

Develops and strengthen your baby's vision. Stimulates brain growth

Complex Black & White Card Set

Variying complex patterns builds concentration and provides visual stimulation

Play Guide for Weeks 0–12

Tips on how to use the products to promote learning & development, research-based expert answers to parenting questions and at-home activity ideas

Customer Reviews
(based on 7 reviews)
Shruti S
Everything in the kit is so well thought of and appropriate for my son. he enjoys his tummy time, highly recommend it.
would recommend it.
Deepak N
Play Box Level 1 Advance - 0 Months+