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Level 12 Play Box"Growing Minds"

28 months+
Board book
counting toy


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Whats Inside?
  • 🧠 Set of 8 Montessori Toys
  • 📝 Developmental milestone chart
  • ✉️ Weekly developmental tips on Whatsapp
Montessori Counting Toy

Strengthen mathematical foundations through visual exploration with tangible objects, facilitating counting, alignment, and comparative learning.

Loose Mandala counters

Explore counting through 55 counters featuring 10 different shapes and colors. learn color recognition with tactile stimulation through various shapes.

Balloon and Boat

Ignites children's curiosity about physics and engineering principles through interactive experimentation, fostering a deep understanding of science and technology concepts.

Shape sort and stack puzzle

Promotes cognitive growth by engaging children in activities that require them to identify patterns, differentiate shapes, and strategize in a tactile, hands-on manner, thereby enhancing their spatial reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Watering can and shovel

Stimulates sensory-motor and spatial cognitive development in children, fostering their understanding of environmental processes and physical interactions with the surroundings.

Seed Starter Kit

Hands-on learning to plant a seed and observe the growth stages. it also promotes sensory play with soil and water.

Seed to plant sequence cards

Teaches the plant life cycle and boosts sequencing skills, improving children's ability to organize information chronologically.

From Seed to Sprout Book

Sparks children's curiosity about plant growth and nature, laying the foundation for a lifelong connect with environment.

Play Guide for Month 28,29,30

Tips on how to use the products to promote learning & development

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